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Season 6 : Ep. 16 : What They Died For

Ok, so I now know that John Locke is the black smoke, and I can only assume that Jacob created him since Jacob keeps whining about a monster he created that is trying to kill him. Jacob is apparently in charge of protecting the island (who put Jacob in charge? seems like they made a big fat whoops with that decision) Desmond is Jacob’s fail safe, in case his candidates are all killed by John Locke (I assume he is the monster Jacob is referring to). In the Los Angeles setting it seems that Desmond and Hugo are actually people that collect those ready to die?

I still have no idea why they’re protecting this island, but after this episode it seems like the Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sawyer crew were not originally on this island but on another island…Jacob brought them to this island…for his own purposes — to protect the island. Jacob seems a tad selfish. Also I have to question Jacob’s decision making process, who chooses people to protect something based on the fact that they were fuck ups in their ‘previous lives’? Come on.

Also what’s up with Ben? Island Ben seems to have a real stick shoved up his ass with his rando killings, and he definitely is not someone I would listen to if I were in survival mode. LA Ben is so mousey…with the exception of beating up LA Desmond, though in this fight I may need to side with LA Ben. Desmond, you shouldn’t hit people in wheelchairs with cars, it’s not nice. Anyways, I don’t know how I feel about Ben, so far I don’t think I like him.

Other Questions:

  • Why does Desmond have electro-magnetic madness going on?
  • Kate is a mom? What!? I guess an island is a great way to lose that post baby weight.
  • Why is Claire living with Jack? I get that they’re siblings, but honestly how do you have two people grow up together one with an Aussie accent and the other with an American accent? Let’s get real here people.
  • What is going on between Jack and his wife? Something is weird, even Jack’s kid said so.
  • Who is Alex? Who is Danielle? Are they cool?…I assume yes, they made Coq-au-vin.

Season 6 : Ep. 17 : The End

Woah. I can say right now my LOST loving friends are right — this experiment should work. I am so confused right now.

They’re all dead?!?!?!

How did they all die? I mean I know how Jack died, but what about Kate and the pilot dude and Sawyer. Shouldn’t they be alive? They got off the island in a plane, was there another crash? I mean come on…really this is like some epic bermuda triangle shit going on if there were two plane crashes. And why wasn’t Jack on that plane anyways? Why was it sooooo important to save the island? From what I can tell the island is a bit of a pain in the ass, and they certainly don’t have air conditioning.

Also can I just say… could the biblical allusions be any more obvious?  A man named Christian Shepard has a son name Jack Shepard who give his life to save the island. I can only assume the island is the gateway to the afterlife? Possible? I don’t know….I’ve only watched the last episode. I was super happy to see that they let Sayid into the afterlife with them… he’s muslim right? Gigantic assumption I know, but bare with me. I find it interesting that the name Sayid can also be used as a title for descendants of the prophet Muhammad. Coincidence? Maybe not? Who knows… All I gotta say is that this is the derivation of the name Jack.

Anyways, I’m still pretty Lost…and since this is the show’s title I can only assume this is intentional. I am left with a couple of questions (really, who wouldn’t be?):

  • Black Smoke is mentioned, who/what is that?
  • Why does John Locke (or the dude in John Locke’s body) want to destroy the island? — I assume it’s not because of the lack of air conditioning?
  • Who threw Desmond into the well and why?
  • Why were both Kate and Sayid in jail?
  • Who is Jacob? Why is Jack the new Jacob?

Don’t answer these questions in the comments…I’m pretty eager to figure it out for myself.

Watching Lost Backwards: An Introduction

My name is Rachel Diesel and this weekend I will begin an experiment in story consumption. I will watch Lost backwards from the last episode to the first and blog about each episode as I watch it. I have never watched Lost. I chose not to be teased through 6 seasons of suspenseful hell. Instead, as suggested by my friend Becky, I will endeavor to watch the season 6 finale first and work my way backwards to the pilot. Originally I was planning on contracting mono or swine flu and watching the whole show while sick the conventional way, forwards. Alas, my crew of Lost loving friends have theorized that the show will be as interesting for me backwards as it was for them forwards.

I am suspicious, but given the fact that every J.J. Abrams show I attempt to watch forward I lose interest in (likely due to being relentlessly strung along by his mystery box plots), I figured perhaps watching one of his shows backwards might do the trick. I should also mention….for me…this experiment was way too wicked to pass up.

I’m not sure what will happen, it’s possible one episode into this experiment I/we will realize the theory of my Lost pals was incorrect — but if it is correct, I suspect this will be fun. So please follow along as I explore the art of watching lost backwards to find out how well this cryptic story works in reverse.

I’d say no spoilers in the comments, but I’m not sure how that would work if I’m watching the last episode first. ;)

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